Prime and biofilter

Need to know if Prime will kill good bacteria in a new 90 gal tank...Using Stabillilty and about 35 little dithers...afraid of killing off the biofilter and also afraid of the amonia, and nitrite without it...ASAP...Ken

re: Prime and biofilter

Prime will not kill the biofilter, but if you are cycling, it will affect the rate at which your nitrifying bacteria colonize the biosubstrate. Remember your bacteria feed on the ammonia that the Prime binds.
If your pH is slightly acid, let's say 6.5/6.8, ammonia will be rendered non toxic and still, at this pH, your bacteria can adjust and colonize well.
If you go alkaline (7.1 or above), your ammonia problems will affect your fish and then, you should add more Stabilize.
Use Prime or similar product, only for dechlor, if necessary, or ammonia/nitrate emergencies when your tank is pH 7.0 or above.
If you keep it 6.8 or just below, your bacteria will colonize quickly and still, you will have the ammonium that the nitrobacs need and won't hurt the fish.
pH makes the whole difference.
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re: Prime and biofilter

Try to understand your question.

If you treat new tap water before adding to tank, I believe you need Prime or similar product.

I don't think Prime would kill good bacteria.

So I think to cycle the tank, you should follow these steps.

1, use Prime to treat tap water
2, add dither fish or ammonia to provide energy source for good bacteria to multiply