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Wild Pt. Leopoldi, formerly known as Pt. Dumerilii © Michelle Ricketts
Juvenile P. Leopoldi
Michelle Ricketts

It is our goal to provide angelfish enthusiasts with the most comprehensive and complete archive pertaining to history, with up to date information on the status of our wilds and the origins of our domestics.

Dr. Sven O Kullander, Senior Curator, Dept. of Vertebrate Zoology, Swedish Museum of Natural History states...

  • "Species level systematics is problematic. There may be more species than the three now considered valid (Kullander, 1986).The type locality of P. scalare (Lichtenstein) (eastern Brazil) is imprecise, and there may be no type specimen preserved of that species."

Red Shoulder Angelfish © Peter Goebel
A red shoulder wild angelfish Peter Goebel Hamburg (Germany)

A red shoulder wild angelfish Peter Goebel Hamburg (Germany)

Originally, five species of Pterophyllum were published. There are now only three valid species. What happened to the other two species? Find out more in the "Angelfish Timeline."

Several new wild variants have been making an appearance. Some variants such as the "Red Shoulder" and the "Red tail" are very rare and only a handful of hobbyist have ever seen them. Other, more common variants include: the red spotted, black spotted leopoldi, and the peruvian. To help you identify your wild angelfish, we have composed an Identification Guide.

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Pterophyllum Altum - Pellegrin 1903
Home  |  Species Identification  |  Habitat  |  Timeline  |  Chronicles  |  Genetics  |  Terminology  |  Links TASG  | Forum


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